Aimless to Aiming big in 7 days




Hello there beautiful one, I’m so glad you have chosen to download this ebook and learn about the practical steps you can do day by day, over the course of just a week, to help get your life on track.

My name is Freya, from Gnostic Nomad, and I will be your guide throughout this transformational 7 day process.

With a background in Education, Hypnotherapy, Holistic counselling, Meditation Teaching, Reiki, Psych-K and numerous other healing modalities, it is my honour to walk alongside you as you take this
self-empowering step to take control of your precious life.

This 7 day programme will provide you with the foundations you will need, to set up the framework for a productive life, full of purpose, moving forward.

By me explaining some essential ‘ingredients’ for success and by you, following the actionable steps and putting the principles into practice, you will find yourself on the road to success in the short time frame of just a week.


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