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Before deciding if you should invest in a coach, it is important to understand exactly what a coach is and, exactly what a coach isn’t.





What is Coaching?

Coaching is essentially about partnership and collaboration. It is a unique synergy between the coach and the client which enables you; the client to feel supported, empowered and motivated to achieve your goals and effect the change you seek.

I offer both 1:1 and group coaching both online and in person.

What is a Coach?

A good Coach is a true partner. They bring out your best and help you achieve your goals by supporting you with inspiration and motivation. They celebrate your achievements with you and genuinely care about your success.

What a Coach isn’t?

A coach is not a Teacher, a Counsellor or a Therapist. They do not train you in anything at all. Instead, they empower and encourage you to find YOUR own answers. They do not work with ‘mental health’, they work with ‘mental growth’.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1


Choose a Coaching Plan

Reach Your Goals

Coaching prices, packages and subscriptions:

Initial consultation and one off pricing $300 USD.

This price is redeemable against any package or subscription, should the client wish to continue

Package 1:

Weekly coaching sessions of 45 mins x 4 and unlimited email access for 1 month



Package 2:

Weekly coaching sessions of 45 mins x 8 and unlimited email access for 2 months



Package 3:

Weekly coaching sessions of 45 mins x 12, unlimited email access and a bonus hypnotherapy session.




1. ‘The gentle reassurance’

This is for the client who is motivated and focused but would welcome a quick 30 minute check in every fortnight to ensure they are on the right track to maintain motivation.

6 x 30 minute coaching calls over 3 months



2. ‘The guiding hand’

This subscription is for the client who needs a little more clarity and guidance to achieve their dreams, with more frequent ongoing support.
12 x 30-minute coaching calls over a three month period on a weekly basis.



3. Subscription 3 – ‘Monthly maintenance’

This is for the client who would like to have a monthly coaching call and regular check in with me to go over goals and challenges and be held accountable.
Calls, meetings or zoom meetings will last for an hour in length and go for a period of

A. 3 months. $600 USD
B. 6 months. $900 USD
C. 9 months. $1200 USD
D. 12 months. $1400 USD

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