About Freya Grayden

I’m Freya, otherwise known as Gnostic Nomad. Dedicated and enthusiastic, I coach, teach meditation, and offer different therapy and counselling services to Digital Nomads, location independent people, expats and entrepreneurs in the English language

Originally Australian, I identify and describe myself as a ‘global citizen’, and embody the life style of the people I represent.

I know the importance of having someone on your side; of having deep connection and communication in your native language with someone you can trust and who can support and guide you through your unique situation. 

Through Coaching, training and collaboration, we work together to empower you to empower yourself and in turn those around you.

I offer Online and live coaching, counselling, meditation and hypnotherapy. I also provide online resources such as destination guides and Ebooks and World Schooling curricula available for purchase.

I do this because I am unashamedly obsessed with leading others towards their potential, and I’ll tell you why, after experiencing divorce, depression, life threatening illness and near death, I received a ‘wake up call’.  I realised that I wasn’t truly living my life and was really just ‘treading water’. I felt like I had been given a second chance ……..so emerged more determined than ever to make the rest of my life count for both myself and for others.

I combined my background in Education with extensive study in various healing modalities and took to the road to encourage and inspire others to realise that life is a gift. Life is too short to spend just surviving and not making the most of it!

Realising the deep need for Education, Coaching and Therapy services in English in Digital Nomad, Expat and Location independent hubs, I decided to focus my efforts on guiding and supporting entrepreneurial and socially conscious individuals like you to realise your own potential and then in turn, create a ripple effect to positively impact those around you.

Inspiration. Motivation. Celebration 

Find YOUR purpose by downloading my free ebook and start on the journey to a more fulfilling life.