Freya Grayden

Coaching and supporting digital nomads, world schooling families, expats and the location independent to lead extraordinary lives.

Gnostic Nomad

Inspiration. Motivation. Celebration.

Why does Gnostic Nomad exist?

To guide and facilitate others globally, regardless of their location, with a range of English speaking professional services to inspire, motivate and celebrate.

What does Gnostic Nomad do?

Gnostic Nomad offers Coaching, Counselling, Training, Resources and alternative Healing Modalities to Digital Nomads, World Schooling Families, Expats and the Location Independent.

We guide and facilitate others in English, to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges and  achieve goals and desired lifestyles, unique to each individual.  

We are a bespoke and intimate service focusing on trust and connection, with an emphasis on understanding and respect. We look forward to guiding, supporting and working together with you on your unique journey. 

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Overview of what we offer

About Freya Grayden

I’m Freya, otherwise known as Gnostic Nomad. Dedicated and enthusiastic, I coach, teach meditation, and offer different therapy and counselling services to Digital Nomads, location independent people, expats and entrepreneurs in the English language.